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Motivate PT is run by women, for women. 90% of our trainers are women, and we’ve helped more than 2,000 women change their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. See some of our 200+ five star reviews above.

A free 40 minute consultation to unlock your potential 

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Start with a 40 minute online session or paid trial at home to connect with your trainer, so we can learn more about you.

A movement assessment to see what the starting point is. We want to get you moving, breathing, stretching – let’s get you connected to your body again!

A detailed report will land in your inbox that same day with goals, roadmap and expert recommendations

Our portal will offer you subscriptions, workout videos, a shared calendar and notes to stay on track. A training experience like no other. 

How we work

In just 3 steps you could not only change your body, but your life. Our physical health affects all areas of our life from our energy levels to our confidence on a day to day basis. The ripple effect is huge.

Take a quick survey to help us understand you better. Tell us about your goals, your vision and anything that’s been holding you back. You’ll be done in less than five minutes.

We’ll use your answers to match you with your perfect personal trainer. They’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a free 40-minute online consultation. After that, they’ll email your personalised roadmap to the fitter, healthier you.

If you’re happy, decide how often you want to train and choose the pricing or subscription plan that suits. Now you’re ready to begin the life-changing journey to reclaim your best self.

Our trainers


My purpose is to uplift and inspire my clients, to encourage them to live mindfully. I truly believe that fitness can change lives.


I’m here to show and prove to clients that fitness is not an obstacle and it can work within day-to-day life. I want to show client’s that they too can fall in love with fitness.

Ana Maria

All of my programmes and exercises are designed so that you will have the correct posture and technique, and any existing injuries or weak points are incorporated.


I believe that part of being a good trainer means being a good role model, – training hard, smart, never skipping a planned training day and keeping strength and flexibility levels up to the maximum.


As a Pilates instructor and having trained as a dancer her main focus is on getting her clients to move well and pain free


I am passionate about creating healthy and fun habits leading to a confident and active lifestyle. I firmly believe that motivation comes from enjoying your exercise, challenging your body, and seeing results.


My philosophy is to develop the body as a way to improve mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being. It is a way to reach the brain through the muscle and the spirit through the body.


My whole life, including working as a PT, has been about making a change, challenging my lifestyle choices and making an improvement. Hence my motto ‘If it does not challenge you (even to a very small degree), it does not change you’.


Being a dancer and fitness instructor really showed me just how fun exercising can be and this is something I want to leave many of my clients with.


My average client loses three inches from their waistline in their first eight one-hour sessions. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over seven years, learning, developing, growing and loving every moment!


I guide and motivate people who want to obtain/receive a healthier, stronger and happier body and mind. My motto is ‘stay good and feel good’.


I have over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. I hold a level three Pilates qualification and have qualifications in corrective exercise and boxing/kickboxing and pregnancy fitness. I have a large toolbox of skills and am therefore well placed to work with a wide range of clients from those who have additional needs or disabilities, the very fit, those just starting out on their fitness journey, or want to lose weight, move better, improve their posture and of course pre and postnatal.


I am a PT with more than 10 years of experience in the Fitness Industry. My career began as a gym-goer. The first session I will never forget, I was not able to do any squats. After 3 years I got my personal training qualifications and I started my journey. I am qualified as a Mat Pilates, Cycling, HIIT, and Aerobics Teacher.


Paige is a Level 3 qualified Personal Training at MotivatePT and Accredited Sports Nutritionist passionate about supporting people to reach their health and fitness goals with a holistic approach.

Recently undergoing a career change from the corporate world to pursuing her passion with health and fitness, Paige has over four years of industry experience and specialises in strength and conditioning, nutrition and also has her pre and post natal training course.


Sharon is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, who specialises in Women’s Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post-Natal fitness as well as Weight Loss & Nutrition.

Sharon loves to help and motivate her clients by keeping things as simple as possible and celebrating their achievements and goals along their journey.


As an experienced Personal Trainer who has worked with a range of clients from professional athletes and HNW individuals, to busy working mums, families and children, my passion is to show you that any goal is achievable, and get you to where you want to be. Whether it’s losing or gaining weight, sculpting your figure, or even kick-starting your fitness journey from scratch, I am someone who you can rely on.


Karina took her first steps into the fitness industry over 10 years ago through her love of dance, and quickly became a very successful Zumba, Body Combat & Group Training coach. Karina is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, with additional qualifications in Kettlebells, TRX , indoor cycle, Bootcamps training.


I believe that fitness is about more than working out, it is all about being able to maintain your health and have fun whilst doing it! Pushing your own boundaries and seeing your results is extremely rewarding not only to the client but me as a trainer!

I am here to help strengthen your health and well-being. Together, let’s smash some goals!


With specialisms in pre and post-natal training, special needs, weight loss and increasing muscle definition, Ventatia has a passion for guiding you towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Everybody is unique, each with their own strengths and limitations.

Her method is to design a custom plan specifically for you based on your abilities and goals. Aiming to not only transform your body, but to positively influence you in making more mindful decisions by passing her knowledge on to you.


I am a MotivatePT Level 4 Personal Trainer, and I am looking to help other people on their journeys into fitness. I am specialised in GP referral, Low Back Pain as well as being a Pre & Post Natal coach. I am also a 500hr Yoga Teacher and my holistic and enthusiastic approach means I can help each client with a unique perspective meaning, everyone will have individual needs, feedback, and progress.


My approach is positive and uplifting, I know with my knowledge and experience and with your effort and commitment we can achieve any body goal (as long as it is healthy).

I care about all aspects of ones fitness from their balance, coordination to core and overall strength.


Zara comes from a competitive swimming background and is now a bikini bodybuilding athlete. Her skill set allows her to achieve total body recomposition, whilst gaining strength and helping improve overall fitness levels.

Having worked with clients with arthritis, MS and other injuries she is able to help you figure out a way to still work towards your goals.


Breia is a a trainer with a mission to help you feel amazing in your own body. She believes that fitness is so much more than just looking good – it’s about feeling confident, happy, and unstoppable in all areas of your life.

With 4 years of experience under her belt, she has helped countless people achieve their fitness goals and she is passionate about creating a supportive relationship with a healthy lifestyle.


Dean is a a highly-experienced Level 3 certified personal trainer, who specialises in functional fitness and callisthenics. His favourite classes to teach are circuits and strength. In his spare time he coaches football.

In his own words “I feel fulfilled by engaging clients at all levels to achieve their highest potential.”


Alessia is a qualified level 2 and level 3 personal trainer, and helps clients lose weight, gain muscle or simply improve their body composition. She helps clients build long-lasting healthy habits for a better lifestyle, including nutritional advice aligned with their training plan and goals.

In her own words “I am here to support you to lead a healthy lifestyle, achieve your fitness goals, and embody your best self.”


Jean is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with excellent fitness industry expertise, communication and motivational skills. He is able to ensure his clients reach and surpass their fitness, weight-loss, strength and conditioning goals with carefully planned and individualised training programs.

He is available 24/7 to help, advise and motivate wherever necessary. His approach ensures that clients of varying abilities are able to see results.


Marianna has been working in the fitness industry since 2013 in both managerial and coaching/personal training positions. Her extensive knowledge in training principles and nutrition and specialises in body transformations and strength and conditioning.

Her main aim as a trainer/coach is to guide her clients towards their fitness goals by motivating them and helping them overcome any obstacles they may have. She also has extensive experience with pregnancy clients (pre and post).


Sofia works with her clients to help them towards their cardio, strength or running goals, always with an injury prevention focus . She also has extensive experience with pregnancy clients,


Shani is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others discover their strengths and abilities to excel in life whatever their goal is.

She wants to empower women to unlock their potential, through strength training, with or without equipment to sculpt and shape their bodies. She is a is a ‘glass half full’ optimist, with lots of energy and enthusiasm


Dani is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer, specializing in pre/post natal training and nutrition support. Whether you would like to lose weight, build muscle, gain confidence, or learn to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, she’s got you covered!

Dani firmly believes that there is no better feeling than the feeling of being strong and unstoppable and her goal is to help as many people as possible achieve just that!


Clara is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, fully committed in training women by providing a different workout approach. Through her personal and professional experience, she provides a 360° approach to her clients: from body conditioning to circuit training, agility training and core strength.

She is committed to help women achieve their goals and fully develop their physical capacities. Along the way, Clara provides ongoing nutritional advices for optimal and faster results.


Angie’s workouts are individually tailored to suit your body type with training programs that progress as you develop strength, stamina and confidence. You will receive lifestyle guidance to help you better understand your body-mind connection when it comes to your fitness.

She has been in this industry for over 25 years accumulating knowledge about many effective techniques that help you achieve results that make you feel great about yourself.


Jessica is an experienced personal trainer and has 6 years within the fitness industry, creating long term relations with clients, delivering fun & effective sessions & classes, body transformations & encouraging a healthier way of life.

In her own words ““One of my greatest passions is to see people become fitter & healthier, to help them exceed their expectations all while realising that exercise is fun””

Connect with your perfect training partner

We’ll match you to the trainer we think you’ll be completely comfortable with. They’ll work you hard, but they’ll also be your greatest cheerleader, providing the support, consistency and accountability you need to finally achieve the body you’ve been chasing.

We get matches right 95% of the time. But if you don’t immediately click, we’ll find you someone more suitable. You don’t commit until you’re 100% happy, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Understand how fitness is supposed to feel

The fitness industry isn’t your friend. Fads and false promises are a huge reason why so many women fail on their fitness journey. That’s not us. We believe a tailored training plan built around your body and your goals is the only sure-fire way to get the results you want. It’s not the kind of thing you can easily achieve alone, but it’s exactly what your Motivate PT personal trainer is trained to deliver. Through fun, targeted training sessions, you’ll make long-term, lasting changes to your body and achieve a happier, healthier state of mind. That’s real fitness.

Is Motivate PT right for me?

If you’re struggling to find time for fitness, or just struggling with how to train effectively, Motivate PT is made for you. Your trainer will build your personal fitness sessions around your goals, your ability and your schedule, so you’ll get maximum benefit from every ounce of work you put in. And because our training is delivered through private sessions in your home or garden, the focus will always be 100% on you.

Our Pricing & Plans

Our pricing is based on how often you want to train and how long you want your fitness journey to be. You can sign up for a monthly subscription or purchase your sessions in blocks. Your funds are held in a secure private portal and passed to your trainer after each session. There’s really no risk – only the reward of finally achieving your vision of a better version of you.

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