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Our personal trainers at MotivatePT bring their expertise and fitness equipment directly to you, be it in your living room or outdoors from Knole to Central Park, all at a time that works for you and your schedule. Receiving 1-on-1 support and motivation from an expert means you can achieve your fitness aspirations far quicker and more effectively than training on your own. Furthermore, the convenience of us coming to you, means you save the time and energy from commuting to the gym. We hope that this enables you to embed a regular program in your schedule far easier, and you will be able to conserve all your energy for our workouts.

We have no ‘typical client’ and the more variety we get the better! We love meeting new people and helping them to overcome challenges in life! We want health and fitness to be at the forefront of our client’s minds, which is why our approach is holistic. We will not only guide you during your exercise sessions but we will spend time getting to know you. We can also advise you free of charge on your diet and nutrition and we can give you additional exercises that you can carry out in your own time! Too many of our past clients have told us how they have suffered years of shame, guilt and low confidence and we want to change this! There is no reason you can’t rectify and recover from poor choices in the past.

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We help individuals and companies in Kent, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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Personal training with MotivatePT means that you no longer have to worry about rushing to make a gym class after or before work, or factoring in a lengthy commute to the gym. Because our service is highly personal, you can simply book your sessions in by text or email. What’s more, you will have two points of contact with our service. Your trainer and a member of the MotivatePT bookings team.

We appreciate that to so many, mobile personal training will be a completely new alternative to going to a gym. This is why we offer a free at-home visit from our personal trainer best suited to your aims and preferences, so we can best introduce ourselves to you. This free visit is split into two segments: the consultation and the free taster session. So essentially you will have an informal chat and also work up a sweat.

The consultation will offer you the opportunity to discuss your goals, lifestyle and fitness history with our expert trainer. You will also be able to discuss any concerns or pose any questions you may have. This also allows our trainer to best formulate a workout program for you, to get you where you want to be, should you choose to continue with us. The free taster session, which follows after this, allows you to sample our work!

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