Your Local Series: Greggs

Your Local Series: Greggs

Like Pret, Greggs is there when you need it. Apparently, it has one of the fastest wifi’s located on high street, but what about its food? For over seventy-five years, Greggs has been providing the U.K with sandwiches and pastry and we are here to tell you the healthiest items on their menu.

Strawberry and Granola Yoghurt

Let’s start with breakfast, shall we?. If you’re partial to fruit, you’ll love Gregg’s low fat greek-style yoghurt, topped with strawberry compote and granola and the extra nutritional value from the seeds and almonds. With only 226 calories per portion, it’s a sweet way to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

Feta, Roast Vegetable Grain and Beetroot Dip

Salads are always a safe bet on high street. The same is true at Gregg’s, where their feta, roast vegetable grain and beetroot dip salad has only 255 calories. Made up of feta cheese cubes, a mix of grains and roasted vegetables in a lemon and herb dressing this salad is also packs a punch with 9.3g of protein. This salad has everything; vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats. Perfect for someone who is looking for something healthy on the go.

Katsu Chicken Bake

Healthy bakes almost sounds like an oxymoron, but Gregg’s has whipped up a Katsu Chicken bake that is only 290 calories. With chicken breast pieces in a Japanese style Katsu curry sauce wrapped in a sourdough flavoured case and finished with a crunchy spiced crumb topping, this definitely seems like a meal that is out of the ordinary for Greggs.

Honey Roast Ham and Free Range Egg Salad Sandwich

Let’s veer back into our English comfort zones with a honey roast ham sandwich, packed with crisp salads leaves, fresh tomatoes, sliced free range eggs, and juicy cucumber slices. Served on a soft malted brown bread, this classic combo is only 351 calories. This delicious sandwich has tons of fibre and protein which will keep you going through that mid-day slump.

Belgian Chocolate Dessert Pot

As always, we are ending with dessert! Looking for a sweet snack or dessert after your lunch? Greggs’ tasty dessert is topped with Belgian dark chocolate curls which will surely aid to your sugar cravings. Dark chocolate has many benefits including: good source of antioxidants, can reduce heart diseases and improves your skin health.

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