Your Local Series: Pret

Your Local Series: Pret

There is an average of seven Pret’s per London borough. No wonder this cafe chain has gained a special place in every Londoner’s heart. But for the health-conscious amongst us, it’s worth noting Pret A Manger’s healthiest options for the next time you need a quick fix during your commute.

Miso Soup
Miso, a paste made from fermented beans, has been part of Japanese cuisine for centuries. And it somehow found it way to Pret’s menu. Miso paste has been known to

Relieve fatigue
Regulate digestive system
Decrease cholesterol
Prevent inflammation
Miso is generally a very salty ingredient, but Pret has managed to reduce the salt in their miso by 30%. And all for less that 49 calories (per 100 G). Not too shabby, Pret.

Protein Box
With that name, it’s probably no surprise that Pret’s Protein Box has made it on this list. With it’s chargrilled British chicken, avocado, free-range eggs, and spinach, the Protein Box boasts an incredible 37.8 g of protein (per 273 g serving). The calorie intake is about 376 (per 273 g serving), but with the high protein and low carb combo, this box is perfect for those on ketogenic diets.

Vegetables Crisps
These thinly sliced carrot, beetroot, and parsnip crisps are a good way to satisfy your potato craving- without the actual potato. With less than 16 carbs per 40g serving, these crisps are a good way to snack consciously.

Chicken Avocado
Attention sandwich lovers! Pret’s Chicken Avocado sandwich is a rare find: British chicken with sliced avocado and whole-leaf basil. Finished with mixed salad leaves and yoghurt dressing, this sandwich is packed with 24g of protein (per 243g serving). With 22g of healthy fat and avocado, this sandwich is worth the 41 carbs, especially when only 3.9g of that is sugar.

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
What’s a meal without dessert? Made from a blend of cocoa, this little bar is packed full of guilt-free chocolate goodness. Only 12 carbs, this dessert is a delightful way to end a Pret meal- without ruining your diet.

For the busy Londoner on the go, Pret is a godsend. But there’s no need to go ruin your diet over it.

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