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Personal Training Hackney

We believe that personal training can be effective for everyone regardless of age, fitness level or lifestyle. Whether you want to train at home, in your garden, your workplace, or a park, our personal trainers will come to you in Hackney and will provide all the fitness equipment you will need for your workout and with their expertise, can you guide you through the process and help you gain those early wins to keep you going!

What sets personal training apart, is that our sessions are individually planned to meet your specific needs and your trainer will look to understand your motivations, and help to drive you on in a tailored way. Importantly, our personal trainer will bring all the equipment needed for your training sessions and are experts in motivational techniques to keep you going throughout your time training with us.

Wish to discover more for deciding if it is right for you? Well, we begin by offering all interested clients a FREE at-home consultation with the personal trainer we assign to you, based on your training goals and preferences. This allows you to discuss your goals and objectives in far greater detail, ask any questions or portray any concerns you may have directly to them. Our trainer will use this discussion as the basis of the workout plan they will put together for you, should you wish to sign up. You will also be guided through a free 30 minute workout so to help you decide if it right for you.

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We help individuals and companies in Hackney, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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Because our personal training approach is mobile, we travel to you and we can train you anywhere from an open green space to your house. Hackney has an expanse of green parks and our clients are spoilt for choice when training outdoors with a total of 58 parks to choose; from Clissold to Springfield Park.

This freedom adds variety to your workout sessions and means you can adapt your workout location depending on the weather!

We are driven by getting real results for our clients. Our past clients have experienced increases in their energy levels, their productivity levels and their happiness overall.

If you have found that you are unable to motivate yourself and see results from going to the gym or training alone, then personal training could be the perfect solution. Thousands of individuals around the world choose this solution and see results far quicker and with far greater effect.

You can let us know your preferences from the times you want to train each week to the frequency of your sessions. Typically we train our clients once or twice per week and they have the freedom to change their training slots depending on their weekly schedule.

This is one of the many advantages of personal training. You are no longer bound by a very strict and particular gym regime and can fit in your workouts at a time that suits you!

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