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Personal Training Via Skype, Zoom & More.

MotivatePT is now offering at-home online personal training via Skype or Zoom so you can get professional fitness advice without the need of having a trainer physically come to you. This saves you time, gives you more flexibility about where and when to workout and is ideal if you want to keep an eye on the kids and still have the ability to fit in a workout.

So what are the benefits of having an Online Personal Trainer?

It’s a great introduction to training

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and don’t have much previous exercise experience, online training is a non-intimidating environment to work on getting your form correct so you are getting the most out of training and aren’t injuring yourself in the process.

Our trainers are able to work with all ability levels and if you don’t yet feel confident enough to go into a gym, then online training is the perfect way to start your health and wellness journey.


It’s Flexible

It’s hard to stay on top of your routine when you can’t get to a gym or train outdoors, and we want to make sure that individuals can keep on top of their fitness, whether they are working from home, travelling for business or on holidays. With online personal training, you no longer need to take long breaks from your program due to sudden work trips or changes in your schedule. Our trainers can be right opposite you in a hotel, cottage or in your backyard.

With an online trainer, you make the rules. With no long commute to a gym, all you need is a little bit of space to stand, a good wifi connection and you are set to train!

It’s more affordable

As online training removes the need for trainer travel, it is a cheaper option than traditional face-to-face personal training. If you’ve never done personal training before and want to see what it’s like, starting with online training can be a great way to see if you want to commit to an in trainer person down the track. Click here for our online PT programme prices.

Commonly asked questions

Yes! In short, you get out of personal training what you put in. And from what we have seen, clients are finding it easier than ever to schedule their sessions and stick to a routine because there is no travel involved and the 45 minute sessions are focused and intense. There is no difference in terms of the results you can achieve. If you show up to your sessions with the right mindset, the trainer is there to help and push you just as hard!

Your allocated trainer will always remain the same. This means you have a fitness professional committed to your journey and able to track all of your improvements. You will no doubt build a great relationship with your MPT trainer as they coach you through improvements and help you reach important milestones.

The consultation is the perfect introduction to online personal training and just how easy it is!

With the click of a button you will be introduced to your trainer who will spend 30-45 minutes talking through your goals, your barriers and conducting a movement session to assess your fitness ability. From this, we can ascertain the starting point. Then you can get busy matching schedules and scheduling your programme.

Our online personal training sessions are 45 minutes long. They are intense sessions, which easily fit your schedule. You can pick a different slot each week, and change the frequency of sessions as you go. Feeling extra motivated? Squeeze in 3 sessions a week. Super busy at work? Stick with the minimum 1 session weekly. With a goal to see each client a minimum of once weekly, we like to make sure we are regularly checking in with you so we can achieve real progress together. You can set your own maximum number of sessions!

All you need to have is a laptop or tablet, and a strong wifi connection.

Aside from this, we can guide you on the right, inexpensive equipment to buy over time, but you don’t need to rush out and spend huge amounts of money straight away. Bodyweight training is an amazing place to start and household objects can be incredibly versatile!


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1. We want to understand you

Every client journey starts with a conversation. We want to understand your schedule, what you enjoy and what your goals are. Our aim is to put the personal back into personal training

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2. Session with your matched trainer

MotivatePT will match you to one of our vetted & brilliant trainers, who will kickstart your fitness journey with a free 45 min taster & consultation session via Skype.

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3. Get Going!

Once the match is made, you simply need to pick the block, which suits you. You will feel supported and motivated at every step of the fitness journey, until exercise begins to feel like an exciting part of your everyday. Our sessions via Skype will be just as exciting as our normal personal training sessions.





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