Online vs In Person Training

Online vs In Person Training

A question we get all the time here at Motivate is how effective online training REALLY is and how a client should decide between online and in-person sessions. The answer is – it really depends on your personal preferences with training, time, and setting.  If you’re trying to decide between these two personal training options, then hopefully this article helps you reach that decision. 

Firstly, we will deep dive into the reasons why online training could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to keep you on track with your fitness routine for the long term. We will then move onto the main advantages of in-person training. 

The recent rise of online personal training has been astronomical, and for many good reasons – it is remote, safe, time-efficient, the list goes on!

It is time-efficient

A benefit of online personal training is that you don’t have to travel anywhere to get to it – you can do it straight from your living room! So whether you are working from home, or you are postnatal and are busy tending to your newborn, all you have to do is switch on your laptop, and you will have your PT right there with you!

It is money-saving

No more extortionate fees for a good-quality gym, notwithstanding the additional cost of a personal trainer. Online training skips out that middle step – you can get access to high quality trainers at a fraction of the cost of actual in-person training. 

It is remote

If you’re always on the go and travelling is part of your job, or a hobby of yours, it is normal to fall off the bandwagon when you go on trips. However, with online training your PT is in your pocket so can train you from wherever you are, on a sunny balcony! This means you don’t have a stop-start approach to fitness, which let’s face it, is why we fail to get results in many instances. 

It is safe

It is no secret that we have been taking much more care of our health recently, and a huge advantage of  digital fitness training is that it is 100% safe – no sharing of equipment or workout space with anyone, and  no need to be aware of distancing. It is coming straight to you in your home, in your own personal space. 

Same results

Some clients could be concerned that they won’t get the same results with online training. On the contrary, your trainer is still there for ANY questions you may have, keeping you accountable not only with your workouts but with any nutrition or lifestyle queries you may have. They can correct and adjust your posture and form and unlike following pre-recorded workouts, they will push you to your ability levels. So expect to get a sweat on! 

Equipment free

Don’t worry about the added cost of buying heaps of equipment – it really isn’t necessary. It is totally possible to get an excellent workout with just your bodyweight. You could invest in some light weights or resistance bands as you progress at a fraction of the cost of a commercial gym membership. 

Still 1-on-1 interaction

If you’re worried about missing out on the social interaction you could get with a PT or at an in-person gym, online training still offers this! As you are matched with your perfect personal trainer, you’ll still get that 1-on-1 personal connection and will be able to look forward to catching up with your fitness instructor  every single week..


Now let’s move to in-person personal training.

It’s (literally) hands-on 

While during an online personal training session the trainer can check your form through the video you’ll be sharing, being able to have them physically adjust you can be incredibly helpful and effective. They get a 360 degree of you as you perform each movement, so you know you really are in (physically) safe hands. This is great if you’re a beginner and maybe lacking a bit of confidence. 

Change of scene

Training at home in your own space is super efficient, but getting out to exercise  in the fresh air, soaking up that all-important vitamin D and immersing yourself in nature is something that at-home training doesn’t necessarily offer. The mental benefits of outdoor training can’t be often overlooked. If you don’t get much opportunity to leave your house then this may be a beneficial option.

If time is not an issue

It could be that you don’t have tight time constraints and a commute to and from a gym/park to train with your personal trainer face-to-face is not something that would potentially prevent you from committing to your workout routine or create an added strain in your daily routine. If this is the case – a face-to-face session could definitely be your best option!

Hopefully this helps highlight some of the differences between the two types of personal training service that we offer. Both will get you results, so it will be a question of deciding on what it is that fits your lifestyle.

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