Our Top 5 Home Workout Equipment Picks

Our Top 5 Home Workout Equipment Picks

Home workouts are here to stay in 2021, so there really is no better time to stock up on some equipment to keep your workouts effective as you progress with your fitness and strength.

Here is our round-up of our top 5 picks out there, your necessities for at-home training, whatever you’re into!

If you’re keen to achieve results from home, here are our favourite bodyweight exercises for glute growth.


This is the ultimate yoga mat – great quality for a great price. Its thickness means you won’t feel discomfort, whether you’re doing a child’s pose or a mountain climber. It is also non-slip and easy to carry, so if you decide to head outside for a park workout one day, it can come with you! A total necessity for yoga, pilates, HIIT…you name it.

CAMTOA Resistance Bands

This pack of resistance bands comes with three different strengths, so you can use them for a variety of exercises and can progress through the bands as you get stronger. These are the ultimate resistance bands for lower body training, activating your glutes while you squat and hip thrust to your heart’s content!

APPI 1kg Dumbbells

While these weights are just 1kg each, you can really feel the burn with them. They are great for levelling up your at-home barre and pilates workouts. They are super comfortable to hold and are non-slip.

Hurdilen Core Sliders

If you really want to engage and burn out the core, sliders are your answer. Sliders really challenge your core stability and can be placed under your hands or feet, depending on the exercise you’re performing.  They’re also great for targeting your hamstrings and are dual-sided so they can be used on any kind of flooring. Also talk about easy-to-transport – if you end up going on any business trips this year, these will become your best friend!

Long Resistance Bands

Long resistance bands are another at-home training must. These are non-slip so will make sure you’re safe while performing any exercise. This set comes with three different strengths so you can perform any exercise with them. Think about using these for squats, shoulder press, tricep exercises, deadlifts etc.

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