Our Top Picks Of The Best Pregnancy Workout Clothes

Our Top Picks Of The Best Pregnancy Workout Clothes

Who says you can’t enjoy life after you become pregnant? You only have to find ways to add more comfort to your lifestyle. If you are a first-time mom, the best way to ensure that you don’t gain extra weight is to incorporate exercise into your routine. Even if you have kids already, doing some kind of physical activity is always great for your mind and body during pregnancy.

According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, an adult must get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week. What’s more, buying new maternity workout clothes will help you exercise in style while supporting your bump. So make sure you get the best pregnancy workout clothes.

Foucome Women’s Maternity Capri Leggings

These leggings are slightly cropped so are great if you find yourself regularly overheating and want something light and breathable. They have full coverage over your bump, to support you as you grow and they are totally squat-proof!

Prominent Features

Guarantees Comfort: The chic Maternity Capris comprises 13% spandex and 87% nylon blended fabric. The leggings guarantee a comfortable fit with their 3D cutting and full-panel coverage for your belly.

Offers Support: Wear the Foucome Capri for full belly coverage. The maternity belly band will relieve round ligament pain and back pain as it takes the pressure off your back.

Stretchable and Non-See through Fabric: The seamlessly stretched and super-soft microfiber fabric eases mobility. The moisture-wicking fabric of the leggings is perfect for all types of workouts, such as exercise, yoga, and stretching. The warm maternity leggings are perfect for all year use.

Contemporary and Functional Design: You would never want to take off these maternity leggings. Whether you are going to the gym or for a walk, the cute leggings will keep you warm and comfy.

Amorbella Maternity Leggings

These full-length maternity leggings are ideal for yoga, pilates or just lounging around the house! They also have an over-the-belly style so will hold you in and provide you with stability, but can be folded over if you prefer. 

Prominent Features

Durable Material: The blended fabric comprises 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. The elastic fabric of these leggings is skin-friendly and super-soft. Since it expands according to your growing body’s size, you can expect it to last from your first to last trimester.

Offers Complete Support: The design of the maternity leggings allows you to wear it under or over your belly. That means you can wear it during different types of workouts.

Full-Length Coverage: Wearing full-length maternity workout leggings prevents blood from pooling in the veins. They are also helpful in regulating the heart rate of both the mother and the unborn baby.

Perfect for Everyday Wear: This stylish and functional maternity workout accessory is best for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Purpless Maternity Pregnancy Tank Top

Every pregnant woman needs a comfy tank top, and this one does just that! An added bonus is that it comes in loads of lovely colours, so you can stock up. They are super comfortable and stretchy. 

The simple sleeveless tank top is available in multiple colours, so you can buy a few of these for your workout sessions. The stretchy and soft material is perfect for warm summer days. You can also wear it with a cardigan during the cold season.

Prominent Features

Durable Material: The material of this stylish tank top features 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane.

Beautiful Design: The sleeveless accessory is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Available in Multiple Colours: You can choose from a large variety of beautiful colours, including Black, Navy, and Graphite.

Cake Maternity Soft Wire Nursing and Maternity Bra

A nursing bra holds up the additional weight of your nursing breasts. Many fitness trainers recommend nursing moms to wear this functional accessory because it also supports Cooper’s ligaments, which prevents sagging in future.

This maternity bra is great for both pre and postnatal, and can be worn for exercise or just day-to-day. The t-shirt bra style means it won’t stick out through your clothes and is very soft and comfortable to wear, while also being supportive. 

Prominent Features

Perfect for Breastfeeding Mommies: The soft and durable underwire breastfeeding bra guarantees ultimate comfort post-pregnancy. Buy this postpartum essential for moderate stretching to relax your muscles.

Hi-tech 3D Spacer Fabric: The advanced and hi-tech spacer fabric guarantees good airflow for evaporating sweat. You get a cooling effect from the 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane blend.

Provide Support: The supportive bra will help retain the shape of your breasts throughout your nursing journey. It won’t wear out despite frequent feeding and washing. Remember to hand wash only.

Convenient to Use: A hook and eye closure add more convenience to this super-comfy nursing bra.

Gratlin Wireless Racerback Sports Maternity Nursing Bra

Most mommies want to get back in shape as soon as possible. If you are looking for a functional maternity nursing bra that you can wear while exercising, the Gratlin Racerback Sports bra is just what you need. With its revolutionary design, the maternity activewear bra provides exceptional support, while the one-hand clips make breastfeeding convenient. If you don’t wear a supportive bra while jogging or exercising soon after your delivery, your breasts will start aching.

This bra is wire-free, making it super comfortable. The racerback provides support for workouts and the one-hand clips mean you breastfeed anytime, anywhere super efficiently. 

Prominent Features

Incredible Design: The front drop-down cups make pumping and breastfeeding easy. The pull-on fastening makes this sports bra a perfect accessory for nursing moms.

Breathable Material: The 96% cotton and 4% Elastane material guarantee all-day comfort. The bra is stretchable, so you can wear it during your stretching or cardio workout.

Full coverage: The wide cups provide complete coverage, and the wide underband offers full support to your achy breasts and back.

Here are some frequently asked questions about maternity workout clothes.


Why should I wear pregnancy workout clothes?

Support is key to a workout, even if you are not pregnant. But as your body changes through pregnancy, you need comfortable and supportive maternity gym clothes. Providing support to your bump and back won’t make you uncomfortable during a workout. Above all, these accessories will ensure that your body stays in shape during and after pregnancy.

When Should I start wearing pregnancy workout clothes?

Although the right time to start wearing maternity workout clothes varies for women, you will probably need them around four or five months of pregnancy.

Is wearing tight clothing dangerous for my baby?

Wearing tight clothes can be dangerous for pregnant women if the fabric material is not stretchable. You should also make sure that the clothes you choose are breathable, so you don’t sweat excessively. The key is to pay attention to your body’s signals to know if a shirt or leggings is irritating your skin or making you breathless.

What size should I buy?

Reputed maternity brands recommend customers buy maternity accessories in their pre-pregnancy size. But your safest bet is to review the size charge or check reviews from other users to know if the size will fit your specs.

What are the Best Materials for Pregnancy Workout Clothes?

Most brands stick to a blend of cotton and spandex for pregnant, nursing, and postpartum moms. These clothes provide comfort and convenience to pregnant or nursing moms during workouts.

What are the benefits of wearing a maternity sports bra?

A major body change that many expectant mommies notice is a rapidly growing bust. Choosing the best bra during pregnancy can be an agonizing experience because you can never seem to find the right size. If you choose a low-quality bra, you make your breasts vulnerable to sagging and wrinkling. That’s why, wearing a well-fitted sports bra to support your breasts is a great idea in pregnancy. Wear it while exercising or relaxing at home to relieve your tired back and swollen breasts.

Bottom Line

Now you know why wearing maternity workout clothes is one of the best ways to ease your pregnancy journey. Apart from providing support to your bump, these functional clothes will keep you cool/warm and dry. Don’t forget to check out the products we listed if you are buying pregnancy workout clothes for yourself or your loved ones.

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