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Partner & Group Personal Training

Personal training with a partner or a small group of friends is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many clients who not only see it as a great way of increasing motivation but also an ideal way of sharing the cost. It’s also a great way to boost your confidence and stay focused as you each have a common commitment to reaching your fitness goals.

Partner Personal Training Sessions are built around the goals of both yourself and your partner. Whether you’re looking to lose weight together, tone up or simply get into shape for a sports or fitness event, then our personal trainers will tailor a partner program that will help you both to see results quickly. Even if you and your partner have differing levels of strength and fitness, our personal trainers are experienced in developing partner fitness training programs that suit your individual abilities. This means that although you’ll be training together, you’ll still be pushed individually, ensuring that you work at the pace that’s right for you.

Group Personal Training Sessions are for those who are interested in training with a group of friends, workmates or family members, we offer highly effective group personal training sessions for between 3 to 20 people that can take place at your home, your workplace or in your local park.

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