How to Perform a Clean & Press

How to Perform a Clean & Press

Many people do not realise the importance of performing the correct technique and form whilst exercising with weights. With the added resistance, it can be very easy to pull multiple muscles. The clean and press uses the whole body so it’s crucial that you perfect this move before adding the weight. If you are not sure on how to perform the correct technique then we suggest that you get a personal trainer to help you first. A key part within this move is knowing how to squat properly. We have gone into further detail below.

How to Perform the Clean & Press

This is one of those exercises with an unforgettable name, which you definitely wouldn’t be able to guess! This is also an exercise which should definitely be performed under supervision of a trainer when you first give this a try as the use of a heavy weight means it is easy to cause injury when performed incorrectly. It is an all over body exercise which will see you lift a barbell from the lowest point possible, the ground, to the highest point you can reach when you extend your arms above your head! Lets discuss the exercise in two parts.

Firstly, lets explore the lift, which is called The Clean. This is the point at which you lift the barbell from the ground. Once you are standing vertically you use a squat position to push yourself under the barbell and lift it to shoulder height.The second part of this movement is called The Press. Once standing upright, take a deep breath as you extend your arms upwards directly above your head. The movement should be controlled and performed with confidence or under supervision.

Interesting fact: The Clean and Press used to be known as The Olympic Press and was used in the games up until 1972!

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