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Personal Training

As experts in personal fitness we know that it’s not about how much time you spend exercising but about the ‘quality’ of the training that brings tangible results. That’s why we ensure that each session is pre-planned and action-packed to maximise your time and results. The vast experience of our personal trainers means that we are able to ensure your training program is fun, enjoyable and effective, so you can look forward to dramatic results in the quickest possible time.

We know that training at the gym or in a big group class is not for everyone. Many of our clients felt intimidated, unsure of their technique or that they simply weren’t seeing results, despite the hours they put in.

Just as examples, we have helped clients to get fit before their wedding day, get a bikini body before their annual holiday, to prepare for a fitness challenge or to train safely following injury or an operation.

Each weight loss program is developed individually and based upon scientifically proven principles of fat loss that will help to maximise your body’s natural ability to burn body fat whilst increasing your basal metabolic rate. This approach ensures that you not only reach your weight loss goal quickly but importantly, that you successfully maintain your new weight over the long term. Our approach is about overhauling your lifestyle, not just helping you with a short-term fix.

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