Personal Training London

Personal Training London

Personal Trainers in London

Human connection has never been more important

The power of having a personal trainer by your side during your sessions can’t be underestimated. If you feel you will gain far greater motivation and results from a physical training session with your personal trainer, then our in person personal training experience might be the right option for you.

Our team of fitness matchmakers will be able to match you to one of our experts, depending on availability.

If you have a London postcode, which you can check with our postcode checker. Your personal trainer will typically visit you in your London home, garden or a local green and leafy outdoor space, the perfect backdrop for an energetic, high endorphin session.

We are very used to clients from all walks of life, so whether you are a mum of three, needing some me-time away from the house, or a busy professional needing to squeeze in your session before firing up the laptop, we can work around your schedule. Typically, our sessions are between 6.00am-9.00pm.

It doesn’t matter to us if you are a fitness newbie, or a seasoned athlete. The main thing we look for is that you are ready and willing to start.

Consistency with your training and mindset really are the formula for success. Coupled with the support of an expert who is going to help you schedule sessions and stay motivated, you are giving yourself the best possible shot at achieving your fitness goals.

Regain your confidence, boost your energy levels & get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

– Get matched to the right trainer within 24 hours
– Free 40-min consultation tailored to your goals
– Free physical assessment report & action plan
– Choose from online or in-person training plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Trainers in London

How much equipment do I need for at-home personal training sessions?

You do not need to have masses of equipment. If you have a fully stocked home gym, then that’s brilliant but you will also get the same results from a set of dumbbells and resistance bands. Our trainers are first and foremost used to working with clients on a bodyweight approach so that they can fully assess you. From there, our fitness pros can suggest the most appropriate lightweight and affordable equipment. This will often be bits and pieces that you can purchase on Amazon or your nearest sports store. So please don’t panic, you will be guided on anything additional when you start your training, and it will always be your decision about what to purchase.

How will you match me to my trainer?

Matching people to one another is an art form, and we take it seriously because we know you will achieve far better results and enjoyment if we get this right. Personal training is a very human business, and so our team of fitness matchmakers will review your answers carefully to understand you in more detail. It will then be over to you and your personal trainer to connect in your consultation. Luckily, we get around 95% of our matches spot on, and we are always on the other end of the phone if you aren’t sure.

Do you have a premises, like a studio or gym?

In short, no. Many of you talk to us about how much you don’t enjoy being in these environments and so at Motivate we are keen to show our clients that you do not need to be in a gym to achieve the results that you want. Our approach is about education, showing you in your sessions how you can achieve long term, sustainable results, for your body type, because we are all unique. The most brilliant thing about training from home or outdoors, is that, as soon as you feel ready, you can craft your own sessions in between your scheduled personal training sessions. We love inspiring you to feel confident enough to know that you can train anywhere and achieve real transformation.

How much does personal training outdoors cost?

All of our pricing programmes for London personal training and online personal training, can be found on our pricing page.

I would like a female personal trainer, is that possible?

Yes absolutely! We are a brand with a core client base of women and are used to many of you requesting a female trainer. Our team is diverse, and as long as we have availability, we can cater to specific requests.

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