Protein on the cheap

Protein on the cheap

If you have any level of knowledge surrounding the best way to build muscle/lose fat, the one word you will certainly have heard is: protein.

Protein is absolutely key for maintaining and building muscle. The general guideline tends to be at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, but you could require more, depending on the intensity and regularity of your workouts.

There are certainly more expensive ways to hit your daily protein intake, such as fancy protein powders, however there are also super convenient and cheap ways of getting fantastic levels of protein in.

Some cheap protein sources include:
1. Canned tuna: this is incredibly cheap and is a perfect post workout meal when combined with some mayo, sweetcorn and rice. It can pack up to 40g protein per can, and the cans can be bought in bulk and last for ages.

2. Eggs: finally eggs are getting the recognition they deserve! As well as being a great source of protein, eggs provide your body with the healthy fats too. With around 7g protein per egg, a fantastic meal could be protein pancakes or scrambled eggs. To pack more of a protein punch, you could add more egg whites.

3. Ground beef: while you can definitely get more high-quality, expensive beef, it is also possible to find cheaper beef mince. Just make sure that the fat content is low, to ensure the protein is kept high.

4. Whey protein powder: One scoop of protein powder should provide around 20g protein, and there are lots of reasonably priced protein powders out there. This is a fantastic thing to incorporate into your diet as it is a really convenient way of getting protein in, but ensure to also focus on whole sources too.

5. Chicken breast: this is probably the “typical bodybuilder” food staple, as it is low-calorie for the protein content it contains: around 25g per 100g. Make sure you season the chicken well so it is super tasty!

6. Cottage cheese: this contains 12g protein per 100g and is a fantastic option for a snack: put it on rice cakes, mix it into salads or just eat it out the tub!

7. Greek yoghurt: brilliant as a snack or a speedy breakfast, Greek yoghurt goes with just about anything. It is also fantastic as a high-protein and more nutritious alternative to mayo.

8. Protein bars: these normally get a bad rap of being super expensive and not tasty at all, but there are some great ones out there, and buying in bulk on Amazon can make them a really quick and convenient way of getting some protein in during that mid-afternoon slump.

9. Beans: these are fantastic for veggies, and will give you a great dose of fibre as well as protein. They are also one of the cheapest canned foods you can get your hands on!

10. Quinoa: this is a super grain, containing 9g of protein per serving, which is super high for a carb. It is fantastic in soups, stir-fries or even as an alternative to rice or pasta.

Follow all these steps and you’ll be hitting your protein, and gym goals, in no time

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