Do you want to easily implement a company wide wellness program that re-energises your employees?

With a leading team of over fifty wellness experts we can roll out zoom sessions globally or on-site sessions in London with the click of a button. From Yoga to HIIT, investing in your team has never been easier.

We are a business that believes in the balance of work and wellbeing.

This is at the core of who we are, and we want to help you create a culture in the office that values health and fitness.

Invest in your team’s wellbeing, and show them that their health is a necessity, not a luxury or perk. Unlike a discounted gym membership, or voucher, deliver fitness directly to them – online or in person.

Love my routine

“Love my routine I have going with Motivate – LIIT on a Monday morning (when everything feels a little harder), HIIT on a Tuesday when I am at my peak, Yoga on a Wednesday when I need a little treat, a day off on Thursday and then something different on a Friday. Love the option of an early morning class and the fact that the class sizes are a little smaller.”

Sophie Barlow at Black Swan

London’s Leading Experts
Our experts are vetted by our team and certified to the highest standards.

Wide menu of classes
From Yoga, to HIIT to Stretch, roll out a programme that caters to all of your employees and helps them feel empowered not only physically but mentally.

Pay monthly on a rolling Subscription
Choose from 4x, 8x or 12x sessions a month or choose a chunkier block and get booking with your wellness expert through your shared calendar.

Costs that fit budgets
We don’t charge through the roof to help you create a thoughtful and aligned wellness programme. Our classes are as low as 50p* per attendee.
*Assuming company size of 100 members/employees.

Company wide sessions or private 1-1 sessions
Our Zoom sessions can have up to 100 attendees from all over the globe per session. Or on-site sessions across London.

“I attended a Zoom yoga class for the first time. The teacher was very motivating, encouraging us to push ourselves focusing on muscles I have very rarely stretched. She was extremely patient and kept checking with everyone on the Zoom, ensuring everyone was doing the exercises correctly. She also ensured there was a nice calming atmosphere at the end which set me up perfectly for the busy work day ahead. Highly highly recommended.”


Raju M, Sales (Finance)

WeWork Case Study


Motivate ran on-site sessions in a designated wellness room for the WeWork HQ in Waterloo which had 6,000 members. With a schedule of up to 7 classes a day we ensured everything from bookings to class set-up was taken care of by our office team and instructors.

85% class attendance

Classes had a 4.7 star rating out of five* based on survey to 50 attendees

They care dearly about the customers’ experience

“Whether you’re a class participant or a trainer, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by very good friends who are there to support you and to help you grow.”

Arleta at WeWork

Our Pricing & Plans

All our plans are designed to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months or a year from now.

Blocks can also be purchased in tandem with your subscription.

*Our subscriptions are a minimum three calendar month term. You can cancel anytime after this.
** Please note our Expiry dates vary for each block size purchase
*** Please do check out our FAQ’s

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