Year-Round Wellness: How to Adapt Your Self-Care According to the Season

Year-Round Wellness: How to Adapt Your Self-Care According to the Season

Has it ever occured to you that as the seasons change, so should your self-care?

You know how much the season impacts your wellbeing – such as a tendency towards lower moods in winter, and much more energy in the summer. You can counterbalance the effects of the seasons by tailoring your self-care towards them.

Actually, not only can you mitigate the effects of the season on your wellbeing, you can use the seasons to your advantage! The changing seasons aren’t just a spectacle to behold; they’re a guiding force for your well-being.

seasonal self-care

This post is a guide for seasonal self-care. We will go through each season in turn, and share with you what the season means for your self-care and wellness overall, and ideas to inspire you.


Spring – the beginning of your annual transformation

Think of spring as nature’s wakeup call. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and blooming possibilities. So, as nature comes back to vibrant life, so will you.

Self-care ideas for spring

Spring clean your home to make space for all the change you are about to welcome in. If you want to declutter and spring clean your home but struggle feeling motivated enough to actually start, check out this post ‘how to declutter and reorganise your home‘ which offers both the best reasons why to do it, and practical tips on how!

Try changing your workout routine, and maybe trying something totally new. If possible, get outside for your workouts.

Assessing your relationships, and making sure they’re all coming from an empowered place.

Incorporating more time outdoors into your routine such as walking more often, trying an outdoor sport, and arranging arranging outdoor activities when making plans with friends.

Beyond your standard spring clean, you can rearrange your home so that it feels lighter, airier!

Start a journaling practice to reflect on your goals and aspirations.

Take regular walks in nature to soak in the sights and sounds of spring – so good for your nervous system.

Try incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet for a seasonal boost of nutrition. You might like to try our quick couscous recipe for a refreshing spring moment!



Summer self-care is about getting outside

Summer is an opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible. Summer is about high-energy, tons of fun, and lots of physical activity.

Make the most of the long days – whether it is taking a detour through the park slowly after work, a camping trip with your family,  or watching the sunset, summer is all about savouring the moment, even though it feels like there is so much happening.

Self-care ideas for summer

Make time for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, or picnicking.

Prioritise hydration by drinking plenty of water and indulging in refreshing summer fruits like watermelon and berries.

The sun is safest early in the morning and late in the evening, so soak up the sun safely (with sunscreen) during those hours!

Any other self-care rituals you usually do indoors that you can do outdoors, go outside! For example, your journal or meditation practice.

With our running theme of fitness and nutrition, we wanted to share this amazing post by Self Magazine – 63 summer salad recipes you can take to work!



Self-care for autumn – get cosy!

Autumn brings a sense of cosiness and reflection. Take this opportunity to slow down and indulge in self-care rituals that feel deeply nurturing. Think cosy nights in with a good book, indulgent baths with autumn-scented candles, or leisurely walks through crunchy leaves.

Self-care ideas for autumn

Embrace the Danish concept of “hygge,” finding comfort and contentment in simple pleasures like board games with loved ones or crafting by the fire. Create a cosy sanctuary at home with soft blankets, warm lighting, and your favorite scented candles. For more cold season hygge inspiration, just out our post on embracing hygge for wellbeing.

Engage in creative activities like painting, knitting, or baking.

Check out our post on wellbeing in autumn, and how to make the most of autumn to feel your best!



Winter self-care is rest and reflection

Winter is the ultimate season of rest. The colder and darker the days get, the less you feel like doing, and this is the way it is meant to be. You do not need to resist it!

Self-care ideas for winter

Establish a self-care routine that includes gentle yoga or stretching exercises to combat winter stiffness.

Treat yourself to a spa day at home with DIY facials, hot baths, and pampering skincare rituals.

Make sure you stay connected with loved ones! Whether that is cold winter walks, cosy pub lunches, virtual gatherings or movie nights.

Nurture your circadian rhythm with consistent habits and a fitness routine. Check out our post on the circadiam rhythmn and exercise here.

Check out our post on winter wellness and healthy living through the festive season!




We are all doing our best to take care of ourselves, and if you are reading this post you certainly are. Thank yourself for the love and care you have already showed yourself, and feel grateful for the evolution that is yet to come!

We hope that now you feel inspired to reassess you self-care based on the season, honouring the wisdom of nature as a means to wellbeing. By aligning your self-care practices with the rhythms of the seasons, you can cultivate a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around you.

Spring self-care is about renewal, clearing space, rebirth!

Summer self-care is about fun, friends and connection with the big wide world.

Autumn self-care is about cosying down, enjoying the warm autumn hues, and preparing to cocoon for winter.

Winter self-care is about deep rest and reflection.

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