A Message for Busy Mums: Self-Care Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays

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A Message for Busy Mums: Self-Care Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays

We get it – the holidays can be a wild ride, with all the festivities, family chaos, and never-ending to-do lists. But guess what? It’s crucial to remember to take care of yourself in the midst of all this merry madness. So, let’s dive into some down-to-earth self-care tips crafted just for you, the incredibly busy mums hustling through the Christmas chaos.

Take a moment to create a game plan

Okay, before you dive headfirst into the holiday hustle, grab a coffee or tea, sit down, and make a game plan. Break things into bite-sized tasks, tackle the must-dos first, and feel the satisfaction of checking them off as you go. If there’s any hope of you getting enough me-time this month, you’ll need to schedule it in. Planning helps, trust us!

Embrace the imperfection

We know there’s this unspoken pressure to make everything Instagram-perfect. But let’s be real – perfection is a myth. Embrace the messy, imperfect moments, and remind yourself that the memories you’re creating are way more important than picture-perfect decorations or elaborate meals.

It’s okay to say “no”

Listen, if saying “yes” to one more thing is going to push you over the edge, practice the liberating art of saying “no.” Your sanity is worth it. We LOVE this post by Self Magazine on the art of saying no.

Sneak in some “me time”

As a busy mum in the middle of the holiday chaos, don’t forget about the MVP – you! Schedule some guilt-free “me time.” Whether it’s a bubble bath, a good book, or just a quiet stroll around the block, only you can make it happen. We have a post all about wellness tips and rituals specifically for winter, and it is the perfect inspo for you! Find it here.

For busy mums, the simple holiday traditions are enough

Busy mums don’t need elaborate holiday traditions that stress you out. Instead, opt for simple, meaningful rituals that your family will cherish. It could be making a gingerbread house, watching cheesy holiday movies, or snuggling up by the fire – whatever feels right for you.

Can you team up with anyone?

Repeat after us: You don’t have to do it all alone. Delegate tasks and involve the family. They’re more than capable of helping with the decorations, cooking, and whatever else needs doing.  Remember that perfection isn’t real, and don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability and ask for help.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a moment to breathe

We know that in the midst of the chaos and getting things done, the last thing you want to do is take a pause. When the only solution seems like to continue as fast as you can, you might not believe the best thing you can do for your wellbeing and productivity is to take a breath. However, we promise that if you practice some deep breathing, maybe sneak in a short meditation, or just be present in the chaos, you’ll bring a sense of calm to the holiday storm.

If you feel like your mind is running to fast for you to take a pause, breathwork might be a good option for you. Breathwork is helpful for a lot of people who do not feel attracted to the concept of meditation. We have a a super comprehensive post that goes into the power of breathwork here.

Move your body!

Between gift wrapping and cooking marathons, find time for a bit of movement. It could be a quick home workout, a brisk walk, or a spontaneous family dance party. Trust us – your body and mind will thank you. If you can squeeze in a quick home workout here and there, we have the perfect guide for you – home workouts for chilly days!

Amidst the holiday frenzy, finding time for self-care can be a daunting task for busy moms. Enter the game-changer – a personal trainer, your ally in maintaining well-being during the festive chaos.

Here’s why a personal trainer is perfect for busy mums

Accountability and motivation

Committing to a fitness routine is challenging, especially during the holidays. A personal trainer provides the needed accountability and motivation. Knowing someone expects you at each session serves as a powerful motivator, keeping you on track amid the holiday hustle.

Efficient and effective workouts

Efficiency is key when time is limited. Personal trainers design workouts that deliver maximum results in minimal time, offering effective, targeted exercises that suit a busy lifestyle and fit seamlessly into your tight schedule. You can see your trainer in your home or local park for maximum effectiveness, or even over Zoom! You’ll get incredible results, in the most time-effective way possible.

Stress management and mental well-being

Holiday stress is real, but regular exercise, guided by a personal trainer, becomes a potent stress reliever. We ALL know exercise makes us feel better! For more on this, we love this post on how exercise reduces stress.

Expertise in pregnancy fitness

For mums navigating postpartum fitness, or who are pregnant at the moment, a personal trainer with specialised knowledge is invaluable. They ensure workouts are safe, effective, and tailored to unique needs, guiding through the pregnancy fitness journey. Your trainer can even help you get ready for labour! At MotivatePT, we specialise in pre and post-natal fitness, so if this is something you’re curious about, click here to schedule a free consultation – in-person in London, and online for you wherever you are!

Knowledge is power!

Another reason we are HUGE advocates of personal training is that beyond physical exercise, personal trainers educate on proper form, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. As a busy mum, you don’t have much time for figuring this all out yourself. This knowledge empowers moms to make informed decisions about their well-being, contributing to long-term health benefits.


In a nutshell, the holidays should be about joy and connection, not stress and burnout. Separate what you actually want from this time, from what you feel is expected from you. By taking care of yourself, setting realistic expectations, and embracing the beautiful chaos, you can enjoy this festive season with all the grace and happiness you deserve.

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