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Our clients in Camberwell range from professionals who work in London to elderly clients who want to stay fit and mobile. We can train a whole range of clients irrespective of age and existing fitness levels. We enjoy the challenge of training our clients and getting to know them. There is no greater feeling than watching our clients grow in confidence and fitness ability. Our team of personal trainers are focused on achieving results as we truly believe that we can change anyone’s life – and we prove it every day in the success that we have with our clients.

We do this by creating a workout schedule that fits into your life by dictating how many sessions you want per week, the times of those sessions and where the sessions should be taking place. From Camberwell Green to the privacy of your home, you can choose to train inside or outside!

Kind, passionate, friendly and energetic are just a few of the words that past clients have used to describe our wonderful team who are selected based on their credentials and the amazing way they deal with and handle our clients. Our personal trainers are some of the best our there and are very talented at what they do.

So start today and simply contact us to book your first session, which is free of charge for all new clients. Your free one hour class involves an exercise session and a great opportunity to discuss your goals with our trainer!

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Camberwell, to make working-out a part of their working week.

How It Works

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

Exercise on any day of the week as our trainers work seven days and they are available from 6am to 10pm meaning that it is impossible not to find a time to squeeze in your workout.

Many of our clients have expressed huge discontent about their inability to attend gym sessions or stick to a strict schedule and this personal training solution with MotivatePT is a way to get around this problem.

Individual workout plans will be devised that are based around your strengths. Each session will be unique based on what your goals, your timeframe and any activities that you are particularly passionate about!

Learn top exercise tips and techniques through the expert knowledge of our trainers. The guidance you will receive will enable you to carry out the exercises in your own time as you progress and gain more confidence.

This is designed so new clients can (a) discuss their needs and their fitness goals in greater detail with our assigned trainer and (b) be guided through a 30 minute so can be sure if the techniques presented and mobile personal training as a whole is right for you.

We recognise that personal training is a lifestyle change so we want our clients to see for themselves first if it is something for them.

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