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Have you tried the gym but find that you lack motivation? Do you want to see quick results and use your time working out more efficiently? Do you need some guidance in order to exercise safely?

We have hundreds of past clients who have been nervous to start training for a number of different reasons. In some cases it was due to a lack of fitness and a fear that they would not be able to keep up with any form of training. For other clients they felt lazy and lacked any real motivation to get started. For some, it is due to past injury or a medical condition, which has held them back and led to a lack of confidence. We work with clients from all walks of life and who have all put of their fitness for a range of reasons. Do not let fear hold you back from getting into the best shape of your life. Your body and health deserves your time and investment.

In order to help you get started, we are offering every new client in Sutton a free consultation followed by a workout with one of our personal trainers in the area. We will start by asking you to elaborate (a) Your background (age, medical history etc.); (b) Your fitness levels – have you worked out before?; (c) Your goals – do you have a deadline or target weight in mind that we can work to?; and (d) Details about your lifestyle including your sleeping pattern and your diet. Following this, we will take you through a workout so you can experience it first-hand and see why so many people sign up for personal training.

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Sutton, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

Never miss a workout with our personal training team in Sutton. Because our team come to you, at your home there are no excuses not to exercise, even as the days turn dark and cold!

Hourly sessions will go by quickly under the watch of our trainers who know exactly how to make classes fun. We want all of our clients to enjoy not only the end results of exercising but the journey getting there!

Motivational, friendly, positive and knowledgeable are just a few of the words that clients have used to describe our wonderful personal trainers at MotivatePT.

In addition to the guidance received during your sessions you can also request additional extras at no extra cost. We can guide you on your nutrition and diet and can provide you with easy at home exercises that you can complete between sessions to supplement your training regime.

Enjoy your first session with MotivatePT FREE of charge.

We are offering all new clients a first free session, which will consist of a chat with one of our trainers and an opportunity to discuss all of your goals and it will consist of a half hour workout class so you can get active and see exactly what personal training entails. Share your details today to get started.

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