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Personal Training Vauxhall

Our mobile, personal training experts, will help you to embrace fitness and transform your lifestyle to achieve fantastic physical results in a short space of time.

At MotivatePT we believe fitness and health is a long term solution and not a short term fix and so we aim to help you incorporate good habits and ditch the bad ones by reviewing your lifestyle. We can offer tips on your eating habits and give you exercises that you can carry out easily on your own when we aren’t there. By dedicating just two hours a week to your fitness and health you will see quick results by training with some of the best in the business!

Right from the outset, we offer all new customers with a free workout and consultation so they can find out more about personal training in Vauxhall. We will set out a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be by reviewing your schedule, your lifestyle and your goals. Simply contact us by phone or email to speak with one of our experts and one of our personal trainers can come and meet with you this week. We have a very friendly team who are approachable and have a wide client base.

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Vauxhall, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

Our philosophy is making exercise fun and easy to incorporate into your life. We understand clients are busy which is why our trainers will train you anywhere from outdoors to your living room, at any time you prefer, from an early morning to a late evening session.

You can train with one other individual at no additional cost, which means you can spend quality time and the split the costs with a friend, or partner.

We are passionate about encouraging a healthy and well-rounded life that ranges from being active in your spare time to being healthy in the kitchen.

We can help to guide you when you make choices about nutrition and eating. We also have a MotivatePT Kitchen blog where we regularly post recipe inspiration that provides you with a meal packed full of nutrients and the much-needed energy you need for your everyday life.

With years and years of real-life experience working with clients of all fitness levels and from all background, our brand of personal trainers are able to focus and deliver the techniques that really work.

We do not believe in encouraging 200 sit-ups every day in order to achieve a flat stomach. Instead we will give you varied movements making your workouts fun and continuously challenging, so your progress never stands still.

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