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Never miss a workout again. Our personal trainers will come to your home at a scheduled time so you have to prioritise your workout ahead of all else! This means that you no longer have to worry about sticking to a stringent gym schedule. We come to you at any time that is convenient and provide personal training! We work seven days a week so we can accommodate all our clients’ requests. Realise your goals today by training with one of our excellent personal trainers in Wandsworth who are all fully qualified and personable individuals.

An active lifestyle is not only necessary to maintain an excellent physique but also to remain mentally positive and focused. Our clients have reported feeling happier and more confident after just a few weeks of training with MotivatePT. Not only will you begin excelling in your workout sessions but our clients have reported that a boost in confidence leads to improvement in other areas such as their workplace and their relationships. The benefits of personal training go far and wide! See results in just a few weeks. Our method is targeted and tailored to your goals rather than just a general approach aimed at the masses.

Don’t train alone again! Not only will you have the support and constant guidance of our experts but you can also invite someone to join your session and share the cost because we won’t charge you extra.

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We help individuals and companies in Wandsworth, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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At MotivatePT we believe offering flexibility is key.

Wandsworth Park, Battersea Park and King George’s Park are just a few of the outdoor spaces we can train you in, in Wandsworth. If you want to make the most of training in an outdoor space then we can use these beautiful settings and meet you there. Whatever your timeframe and motivator, we can work with you to achieve your vision.

Only you have the power to turn your life around. Make positive change in your life by training with our expert personal training team and get rid of excess weight, tone up targeted body areas and increase your confidence today!

Holidays abroad, weddings, sporting events and health problems are all prime examples of what has led past clients to reach out to us at MotivatePT for guidance!

Train for free by completing the booking form! Our trainer will meet you to discuss your goals in further detail, before undergoing a free 30 minute session.

We want to ensure you are happy with what our trainer has in mind and the workout that has been discussed and created, before joining our broad range of existing clients. Very much like our personal training sessions, this can take place at home or outdoors.

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