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Getting into shape can be fun and straightforward with the support of an excellent, mobile personal trainer. Our service, offering at-home personal training throughout Weybridge, Surrey is designed to help individuals to reach their health goals without the hassle and inconvenience of finding a gym. Our personal trainers are known for their skill when it comes to getting customers fit and in shape through tailored personal training.

No matter what your previous fitness experience may be, our personal trainers will work with you to ensure you build up at a level that’s right for you. This means making sure that you work-out safely and effectively. Our personal trainers can help you to exercise in your home or you can train outdoors. Most importantly your sessions are fully tailored to your goals. From weight loss and toning, to postnatal fitness and kettlebell training, session are dynamic, challenging and results-orientated.

Many of our customers make so much progress, that they can easily see changes in their body shape after just a few weeks. Firstly you may notice that your clothes feel loser and that your body has a harder more toned look. This can then result in long term changes such as weight loss, improved mood and feeling happier. Our personal trainers can also offer help with diet and nutrition, giving you meal plans and online tools that help you to stay focused throughout your personal training.

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We help individuals and companies in Weybridge, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We understand that when you hire a personal trainer you need someone who will not cost a fortune but will still get you the results you want.

At MotivatePT our personal trainers are all advanced qualified personal trainers. They have experience of working with a wide range of clients and they all have a proven track record of producing results for clients.

We know that when you need a personal trainer you want to be able to feel totally comfortable with our choice.

That is why we offer you a free consultation so you can get yourself accustomed to your trainer we have put forward before you decide. We also provide a trial 30 minute taster session which means that you are able to actually give it a whirl!

To get started, and to sign up for your free at-home consultation and trial session, just complete our online consultation form today with your goals and the time you’d like to train.

You can also decide whether you would prefer a male or female personal trainer. Our service is designed to be flexible to allow you to get the very best from your training sessions.

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