The 4 Best Apps for Personal Trainers

The 4 Best Apps for Personal Trainers

There are lots of apps on the market that can help you manage your time and your client’s time. However, it can be overwhelming with all the personal training apps out there as they all seem to do the same things just in slightly different ways. We’ve selected 4 apps we think are best in helping you track your client’s workouts, manage your clients and aid you in your training sessions. These are some of the best apps for personal trainers – some of these apps have a free version, and all are low cost.

8 reasons apps for personal trainers are worthwhile


Personal trainers should consider investing in apps that help them manage their clients for several reasons:

1. Efficiency and Organization

  • Scheduling Made Easy: Apps take the hassle out of scheduling. No more endless emails or texts to find a time that works.
  • All in One Place: Keep track of each client’s progress, workout plans, and diet preferences in one spot.
  • Automated Reminders: Set reminders so you never miss a follow-up, ensuring every client feels cared for.

2. Boost Client Engagement

  • Track Progress: Clients can see their progress right in the app, which keeps them motivated and on track.
  • Tailored Plans: Easily update workout and diet plans based on how your clients are doing, making their experience feel personal.
  • Stay Connected: Use in-app messaging to maintain a direct line with your clients, building a stronger relationship.

3. Grow Your Business

  • Save Time: Automate the boring admin tasks so you can spend more time training clients or finding new ones.
  • Expand Reach: Offer online sessions through the app, allowing you to reach clients from all over, not just locally.
  • Handle More Clients: As your business grows, the app helps you manage a larger client base without extra stress.

4. Professionalism and Credibility

  • Better Client Experience: A smooth, user-friendly app makes your service look polished and professional.
  • Modern Image: Using the latest technology shows you’re up-to-date, which can attract more tech-savvy clients.

5. Useful Data and Insights

  • Reports: Generate reports on client progress and your overall business performance, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Client Behavior: Understand how your clients use your services and tailor your offerings to meet their needs better.

6. Marketing and Client Acquisition

  • Referral Programs: Many apps have built-in referral features, helping you grow your client base through word-of-mouth.
  • Social Media: Easily share client success stories and other content on social media to attract new clients.
  • Showcase Reviews: Collect and display client testimonials within the app to build trust with potential clients.

7. Simplify Finances

  • Easy Billing: Handle invoicing, payments, and subscriptions directly through the app, making financial management a breeze.
  • Save Money: Less time on admin tasks means lower operational costs and more profit.

8. Safety and Compliance

  • Health Records: Keep accurate health records and consent forms to ensure you’re compliant with health regulations.
  • Safe Practices: Document workouts and diet plans to make sure your clients are following safe and effective routines.

In a nutshell, using an app can make a personal trainer’s job easier, keep clients more engaged, and help the business grow. It’s a win-win for both the trainer and the clients!

The best apps for personal trainers

Coach Pro

Coach pro is an app that lets you stay connected to your clients on the go. All of your client’s information is in one place. The app allows you to keep a log of your client’s workouts, record session notes, track goals and manage appointments. This app allows you to create profiles for your clients so you are able to easily access their contact information, see how many sessions you’ve planned and access all the billing rates.

Gain for Trainers

It is a way to digitally train your clients outside of your 1-1 sessions. You can create personalized workouts, manage your client’s schedule, message your clients and get real-time progress notifications. Gain also gives you access to over 1,700 exercises ranging from strength training, bodyweight training, Pilates, yoga, cardio, agility and lots more. Each exercise has a motion GIF and audio instructions which were recorded by pros.

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is a video platform to help review athletic techniques – a perfect app for online personal training! You can record your client performing an exercise then instantly show them how to improve. The app analyzes the exercise and shows how they can improve their form, posture, positioning, etc. This is a great way to show your clients how they can improve since they can review the footage of themselves.


This app is an amazing messaging app that can help you stay in touch with your clients. It allows you to stay connected with clients in an efficient way. You can organise contacts into different groups and you can message them directly from the app. One of the best features of this app is the ‘group’ text function. On a busy day when it might be hard to send encouraging texts to individuals, you can send a text to an entire group without making it a group message.

These apps used by personal trainers should help to make your daily life easier and enable you to schedule, contact, plan and teach your clients to a high standard.

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