The 5 Best Compression Shorts in 2021

The 5 Best Compression Shorts in 2021

Compression shorts are pretty much required when it comes to outdoor running, and as the weather warms up, they’re also ideal for any kind of outdoor workout. But they’ve got to pass the test – they need to be squat-proof and chafe-free. Here’s our round-up of the top five pairs out there!

1. Nike 3 Inch Compression Shorts

These are the gold standard of sports shorts – flattering, supportive and breathable. They don’t tend to ride up as you jump around, and will keep you secure throughout any workout you decide to do! They also come in a range of colours, so if they work for you, they’re worth stocking up on.

2. Yogipace Compression Shorts

These shorts are not only flattering, but they’re also practical – they’ve got a pocket for your phone and any essentials. They’re a slightly longer length, so if you’re keen to cover up your thighs a little bit, or the weather isn’t quite warm enough yet to get your legs out, these could be perfect for you.

3. ASICS Volleyball Short

These are a real go-to pair of shorts – they’re a great length, they’re comfortable (no middle seam down the crotch!) and come in such a wide range of colours, you’re bound to find a pair to fit with your existing activewear collection.

4. Under Armour Middy Shorts

These are a great value pair of shorts – they’re an in-between length, so they aren’t quite cycling shorts, but there’s also no risk of them riding up uncomfortably and failing to cover you up! The light fabric will keep you cool as you sweat, and the four-way stretch means you won’t feel too sucked in, but you’ll still be supported.

5. 2XU Compression Shorts

These shorts may come at a premium price, but for good reason – 2XU are famous for their compression sportswear. They’re designed to support your body, not only during your run but afterwards too to promote recovery. They are super supportive and sweat-wicking AND are equipped with three secret pockets for all of your valuables.

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