The best courses to do once you’re a qualified Personal Trainer

The best courses to do once you’re a qualified Personal Trainer

Once you have taken your Level 3 qualifications and are a qualified personal trainer you can start to think about what other courses you can do to make you stand out in the crowd. Although all these courses take time and money, it is a great way to be able to open up your client base and expand your knowledge.

Level 4 Diploma: Level 4 specialist Personal Trainer Diploma is the highest level of certification you can get. By completing this course you become an elite personal trainer with specialist skills and Level 4 trainers are always sought-after and will put you in the top 10% of fitness professionals in the UK.

Pre/Post Natal: Gaining a pre and postnatal qualification makes you accessible to a range of clients. It allows you to work with pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. It will take you about 2-3weeks to complete and is a great addition to your CV.

Exercise Referral: This qualification allows you to work with clients who have medical conditions. When you gain this qualification you will also be qualified to work for a government GP Referral Scheme. If you have your Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification you can take this qualification as a stand-alone or you can combine it with the Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes qualification.

Older Adults: If you have your Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing or your Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training you can take the Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults. Just like with all these extra qualifications it will open you up to a whole range of different clients.

All these qualifications are great extra add ons to your already existing Personal Training qualification. They can make you stand out in the crowd and open you up to a whole new range of clientele.

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