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Our personal trainers in Chelsea have been operating in this part of South West London for a long time and know all the best outdoor spots for exercise. From Chelsea Embankment to Chelsea Harbour, Cheyne Walk to Lots Road, wherever you live or work, we can meet you at your premises.

hat’s more, we will also bring all the necessary equipment. The training equipment we use will depend on your interests and your goals, which will be in discussed in detail during your initial meeting with your Chelsea personal trainer. In this first meeting, you will have the chance to chat about your past training, your future goals and also let the trainer know about any injuries or limitations you may have. You will also get a chance to train completely free of charge!

For our clients in Chelsea, variety is the key, which is why we offer a range of specialisms and offer the full spectrum; from flexibility and mobility training to cardio exercise to High Intensity Interval Training which incorporates exercises that burn fat fast and tone your body.

Your training sessions with us, are specifically designed and tailored around you, your schedule and your fitness goals. This is the key to our success and which is why we begin by offering a free consultation to each and every client in Chelsea, so we can further discuss those facets further, and in person.

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Chelsea, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

So do away with gym memberships and the energy-zapping travel many bear before working out. And make sure every workout is enjoyable and effective. We ensure your training is just that and avoid any hassle by coming directly to you.

Our trainers have achieved great success in going to clients’ homes or meeting in parks, and guiding them to finally achieve their goals, and to improve their overall health and fitness.

Each session is designed to push you further than the previous, while keeping them varied and testing new skills. Variety and new challenges is the key to effective training!

Furthermore, we offer advice on workouts and techniques you can adopt on your own, in the workouts you do in-between our sessions. This way you can develop more effectively and achieve success quicker and maintain it more effectively in the longer term.

As part of the consultation visit from your assigned personal trainer, we offer a FREE 30 minute taster session so you can experience the techniques and exercises we would be looking to introduce as part of your program.

It will also allow us to understand your current ability better, so should you wish to continue with us after this visit, we will be able to hit the ground running from the very first session.

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