Winter Wellness: Navigating Healthy Living During the Festive Season

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Winter Wellness: Navigating Healthy Living During the Festive Season

Around the festive season, a lot of us simultaneously become a little nervous about veering off track from our health and fitness goals, while getting excited about the motivational spring-board that is the New Year! If you’re relying on the January restart to recover from December, we are here to tell you that you can feel vibrant and healthy in December too. Here, we’ll be offering you christmas-y winter wellness tips to help you stay feeling good without missing out on the festive fun.


Remember the core pillars of health – nutrients, movement, and sleep

However many social gatherings and commitments you have this month, remember the core pillars of health.

Make sure you’re still getting a variety of nutrient dense foods, exercise and quality sleep to help you mantain a foundation of wellbeing. This all comes down to sufficient forward-planning so that alongside the Christmas festivities in your schedule, you’re getting your basic health needs met.

Sustainable wellness habits are all about adding in, rather than taking away or restricting, and the same applies at Christmas. Instead of concerning yourself with restriction, think about how you can things that are good for you in order to maintain a healthy body. Wholesome meals, lots of water, herbal teas, brisk walks and even naps could make the world of difference!


How to maintain a healthy diet at Christmas

While you might not have as much freedom over dinner, try to plan for extra nourishing lunches and dinners. Even one whole food-based, homecooked meal a day could keep your body in relative balance. Instead of worrying about all the mulled wine you’re drinking or mince pies you’re eating, focus on getting nourishing foods in on a daily basis, even if you can manage one meal a day!

We advise cooking in advance so all you have to do is heat it up. This is especially useful at a time as busy as Christmas. Pre-cook a veggie-packed stew, soup or roast with as many macro and micro nutrients as possible so you can flood your body with good stuff in one sitting. No matter how many treats you’re grazing on, you know you’re body is getting the basic nutrients it needs to function effectively.

Also, although we never want to focus on restriction, remember that large of amounts of heavily processed food, sugar and saturated fats are not good for us no matter what. And, even if we’d like to deny it, they will affect our energy levels and mood. The solution is simple – be mindful. Be really intentional about when and how much you eat these foods, and try not to say yes to treats out of obligation – stick to the occasions you really want them.


How to make movement a priority at the busiest time of year

Most of us who celebrate the festive season will spend a lot of time snuggled down on the sofa, and not moving much at all! This is not a bad thing. Christmas might be the only time you give yourself full permission to fully relax and do not. This much needed rest is vital for our health and wellbeing long-term, as is quality time spent with our loved ones. However, creating a few moments in the week to get a workout in is going to be essential to maintaining your wellbeing this month.

When looking at the week ahead in your calendar, find 3-5 opportunities to move your body even if that’s just a walk, 20 minute at-home workout class, or session with your personal trainer. If you’re around family, you could invite others to join you! Or, maybe this is the perfect opportunity for you to take much needed alone time.

If you can muster up the courage to get outside for some exercise this Christmas, do it! Check out our post on exercising outside in cold weather, and why exercise outdoors makes sense all year round. We promise, the sofa will feel even more comfy, and hot chocolate even more tasty, afterwards! We love this post that offers top-tier advice on how to find time to exercise over Christmas.


Safeguarding your mental and emotional health

If you’re dealing with challenging family dynamics or have experienced the loss of a loved one, Christmas can be a challenging time. Give yourself the TLC you deserve by pre-empting this, and thinking ahead to what you can do this year to make it easier for yourself. We love this post by Stylist Magazine on how to deal with family stress at Christmas.

Make sure you make time for yourself, even if that means you have to say no to some things. You don’t have to show up to everything. Leave early if you want to. You can even reach out to close friends for support – you’ll likely find someone in your life needs support too.


Combining wellbeing and comfort

Winter is naturally the time that we slow down, reflect and recharge. Winter is meant to be cosy and comfortable. This means wellness in winter is meant to be those things too!

Check out our post on embracing the concept of hygge for maximum wellbeing and comfort this Chrismas. Romanticise the cold weather and festive season, while integrating all the little rituals you know are good for you – sofa meditation and herbal tea, anyone?






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