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Yoga & Pilates Personal Training London.


Whether you’re trying yoga for the first time or you simply want to develop your practice and understanding, one to one yoga instruction is without doubt the safest and most effective way to learn.

Yoga personal training gives you the opportunity to work with our registered yoga teachers giving you optimum attention and personal progression, ensuring that you get the most out of your time and effort. Our yoga instructors will work with you on an individual basis helping you to learn correct technique and proper alignment for your body type. Any injuries you have will be taken into account so that routines can be safely modified for your personal ability.

Within just a few weeks of private yoga sessions you will feel more toned and flexible, less stressed and more relaxed. Our yoga sessions can also help clients to sleep better, improve their digestion and alleviate neck and backache. Furthermore, MotivatePT covers London in its entirety, from North to South London, East to West London.


Whether you want to practice Pilates to improve your posture, flatten your stomach, relieve back pain, rehabilitate after injury or just keep a healthy body, individual attention is very important. Pilates is a very exacting method of exercise and because your body and movement habits are unique to you, you should practice with an expert when you first start.

Our Pilates personal trainers will focus on correct form and alignment whilst ensuring that sessions are taught at the right level for your ability. As you progress our qualified Pilates personal trainers can increase the pace through principles of breath and flow and can add extra challenge and variety by adding Pilates rings, exercise balls, foam rollers or exercise bands.


A leading team that are carefully selected by our management because they go over and above for our clients.


Plans that are designed to help you fall in love with fitness and get the results you want.


Professional, personable, results driven; and matched to you by our in-house team.


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1. We want to understand you

Every client journey starts with a conversation. We want to understand your schedule, what you enjoy and what your goals are. Our aim is to put the personal back into personal training

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2. Session with your matched trainer

MotivatePT will match you to one of our vetted & brilliant trainers, who will kickstart your fitness journey with a free 45 min taster & consultation session. This will take place at a time and location of your choosing

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3. Get Going!

Once the match is made, you simply need to pick the block, which suits you. You will feel supported and motivated at every step of the fitness journey, until exercise begins to feel like an exciting part of your everyday.



Frequently Asked Questions.

There are many reasons why yoga is good for you! Just to name a few: it will improve your muscle tone and strength, increase your flexibility, it will help with your posture, it will help you to lose weight, it will improve your mood. The breathing involved also helps to lower blood pressure and can reduce stress.

No! Many of our clients assume this, however, it is simply not true. It is our job to improve your flexibility over time. Come as you are, and you will find not only improvement to your flexibility but also your balance, strength, cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Yoga focuses on moving the body into different dynamic stretches or held poses, whilst breathing deeply. It connects the mind and the body and allows us to focus our attention inwards. By practising yoga your body will become more flexible and your mind will become more focused.

There are many health benefits when participating in regular pilates. It will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, while toning and building lean muscle. It is also great at building and strengthening your core and therefore you will become less prone to injury. It is a great stress and tension reliever and gives you a great boost of energy through deep stretching.

Yes! Pilates movements help to strengthen, tone and sculpt the whole body whilst building muscle. You will start to feel and look better through continued practice. We would also recommend including some cardiovascular training throughout your workout programme, which your trainer will discuss with you.

No. In fact pilates was invented by a male, Joseph Pilates and he designed these movements for both men and women. Many athletes and sport professionals all use pilates as part of their training.

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